Remote Keylogger - configure and use

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What is keylogger ?

These are programs that run in the background on victim’s computer and are capable of recording every keystroke you make on victim’s keyboard. Keyloggers can steal which personal details and passwords that can later be retrieved by a third-party.

Configure and use.


Download a free remote keylogger 'Ardamax' with its serial key here. Antivrus might detect it as a virus but dont worry its not virus.
We are actually gonna create an executable(exe) file, which would be given to victim and he is supposed to run it. The keylogger would be installed on his computer and we would be getting automatically keylogs/screenshots in our Email address.

I have added the self-explanatory pictures, follow them.


1 copy

Install that keylogger into your windows machine and after that write click on kelogger’s icon and select remote installation.

2.2 copy

Now just press NEXT button.


3 copy

Now press NEXT button.


4 copy

now just press NEXT button.

5.5 copy

Now just press NEXT button.


6 copy

Now just press NEXT button.


7 copy

select the Option “ send logs every ” and select the time (well I have selected 5 min.) and just press NEXT button.

8 copy

Now in  “ Send To: “ box write your EMAIL ADDRESS and in Password write your email address’s password. and just press “ Test ” button you will get the test email address into your INBOX. And now just press NEXT button.


9 copy

Now just press NEXT button.


10 copy

Now select the capture screen time , target and jpeg quality: (I have selected 10 min , full screen , 75 %)

and Now just press NEXT button.


11 copy

Now “capture webcam image every ” I have selected 10 min and device or index 1 and jpeg quality “75%”

Now just press NEXT button.


12 copy

Now select the target where you want to store your keylogger client (well I have kept it default ) and you can change the Icon of keylogger :). Now just press NEXT button.


13 copy

Now just press NEXT button.


14 copy

Now just press NEXT button and you have did. Now send this keylogger to victim and tell him to open this client . And you will get all the keylogs , screen shot of victim’s pc , capture from webcam :) , webapplication address and many more things. Well this client might be caught by victim’s pc :( but don’t worry I have solution for that :) you need to encrypt your Keylogger client (whose default name is INSTALL.EXE) and after that send it to your victim :) click here to download and to learn keylogger encryption. Feel free to ask any question make a comment.