How to Select all/Invite all Friends in Facebook Fan page or Event at once.

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Its very difficult to invite all friends to like your page if you have 300+ so its very difficult so I have found one technique using that you can invite all friends to like your facebook’s  fan page. Some time ago people using some scripts to invite all the friends to like facebook fan page, but now its not working. Now I have found the new way so I am sharing it with you.

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Things you need

Greasemonkey firefox add-on (click here to download) after installing addon in your firefox browser just restart your firefox browser.

Install Select all plugin click here for select all friends in firefox. if it will not work use this mirror. and after installing that script just restart your firefox browser.

Now you can see one new penal created on your facebook invite (as shown in figure) now select all and submit and you have did.

If you have any question feel free to ask , make a comment.